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Weekly reads October 2012-2

Here’s a handful of randomly selected reads that we have come across in the last week or so.  Enjoy.

  •  Thought provoking article about the ‘Biggest Loser’ concept

  •  The impact of breathing on training and movement

  •  Is diary healthy? (Part 1)

  •  A guide to (modified) Paleo eating

  •  Impact of root canals on overall health
  • Great blog about women and nutrition and training
  • Great article about women and weight training
  •  Why women would benefit from german Volume Training

  •  Omega 3, inflammation and aging

  • Study on Vitamin D deficiency in Canada

  •  Some pointers to consider with cheat meals

  • Acid/alkaline balance and tips to improve pH

  •  Another reason to think carefully about fizzy drinks

  •  10 nuggets of wisdom from top caoches

  •  Nitrates and health: one for bacon lovers!

  •  Wheat, gluten, inflammation and it’s impact on health,b=facebook

  • More on women and weight training!!.aspx

  • The benefits of consuming natural salt

  • 11 Principles of bodybuilding (part 1)

  •  Points for pro-organic food

  • Exercise and its impact on breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women

  • What type of cardio and when?

  •  Vitamin D and autism